Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aklatang Emillio Aguinaldo (Emillio Aguinaldo Library)

June 11, 2008

Photo Shot at 11:15

Aguinaldo Shrine? Is this the same building such as that in my banner above the Blogger page? No it ain't. This is the Aklatang Emillio Aguinaldo or the Emillio Aguinaldo Library inside De La Salle University - Dasmariñas. It is really patterened to the house of General Aguinaldo wherein a very big celebration will be held tomorrow! Too bad my plans on going there will remain just a plan cause my class for tomorrow is 7 am - 7 pm. Poor me! By the way, this is the back of the library for I shot this view right at our classroom door just after Visual Basic Class.

Our teacher was very good. The anxiety that I have felt the night before was filled with relief because she seems nice and kind. I still can't do a very good conclution about my first days because she is just one of the seven new teacher that we are to meet this coming days. But what really pisses me off was that the excitement I have felt for the air-conditioned rooms have wilted as I entered the steaming hot classroom. The aircons are still on the boxes located near the Comfort rooms. I just hope that these unnits would be installed as soon as posible because this afternoon, the heat peaked at 35 degrees. My outfit was even fit for the aircon so I really am pissed and very sweaty!

Thanks everyone and I would like to celebrate and cheer all the Filipino heroes that have been responsible for the Independence of the Filipino people! But because of the law that moves the Holidays, we really cannot celebrate due to students are in school and workers are at work. I just hope that Pres. Gloria would reconsider this law because though it helps a bit, about long weekends, the essence of the celebration for tehse holidays are taken for granted. Have a great day everyone and God Bless^^


Hilda said...

That's a lovely replica—got me fooled.

Didn't it rain there late this afternoon? We got a 2-hour downpour that caused some flash floods and awful traffic!

Buti pa kayo at magkaka-aircon ang classrooms ninyo. Sa ADMU, walang plano. Poor kids and teachers. (And yes, I work there, but I don't teach! hehe Inunahan na kita.)

Layrayski said...

Nice shot. Are you allowed to take photos inside? I'm very curious how it looks inside.

Parisian Heart said...

What a beautiful library and photo! Funny that Layrayski asked about the inside -- I, too, was just thinking that I'd love to see the inside as well. Do you study there?

Can you tell me what is happening about moving your holidays? I had not heard about this.

It's great to have you posting photos again! Best of luck with school!!

mirage2g said...

I did thought it is the same as your banner =D Its a shame I do not know this place lol. When I come home I'd see for myself these photos that you posted..

the donG said...

at first look i also thought it was the one in kawit. amazing! i've never been to la salle dasma. but i saw it from its gate.

Cavite Daily Photos said...

hilda - Thanks! It really is! Yep it rained so hard that day! and the sky turned very orange!

layrayski - uhm, I don't know if we really are allowed but we always do it without the flash jajaja I'll feature it sometime here^^

parisian heart - yup, I study there! and I so love it in there! about the holiday thing, The president imposed a law that every holiday (exept New Year, All saint's day and Christmas), the holiday will be moved to the nearest monday and sometimes, friday. isn't it incondusive?

mirage - Yup! Nakakalito nga sya! jejeje When you come home to Cavite, tell me when^^

dong - yah! It really is similar, very similar indeed! Oh you've seen it from our gate? I also liked the first time I went inside it, from total chaos from the street scenes, as you enter, the bliss and joy that you are longing for would wrap yoou up and make you feel homey^^

babooshka said...

The eye can easily be fooled. Very nice shot again, and another well written piece.