Friday, June 13, 2008

The Eight Rays on Display

June 13, 2008

Photo Shot Yesterday, 15:17

First of all, I like to thank my Friend, Ms. Kathleen Lumandas for being a girl scout that day! I forgot to bring my camera to school so when she heard it, she told me that she has brought hers and lent it to me and I used it to take this photo! Kath, Thanks very much.

To those who are asking to feature our library, this is the AEA Gallery. In Celebration of our 110th Independence Day, The gallery is a Philippine history exhibit. On the right side of the exhibit, The eight provinces that are represented by the Philippine Flag's Sun's eight rays. these are Eight Provinces that started the Philippine Revolution against The Spaniards.

These are, in random, Batangas, Laguna, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Bulacan, Manila and my very own Cavite. On my previous post, Nueva Ecija is replaced by Pangasinan. I really don't know because I got that list with pangasinan on wikipedia. But all i can ensure that these two provinces really did a great deal during the Philippine Revolution.

Please bear with me with the nonconsecutive, daily posts because I've been very busy and tired everyday right after the 2 hour ride home from the University. Especially yesterday wherein i got off from home at 5 in the morning and arrived home at 9 pm. Because of my 7 am - 7 pm Schedule. But please believe me that I'm doing my very best to bring and serve you Cavite, Daily.

Thanks by the way to the people that visits, views and most of all, leaving your comments to my posts! You just don't know how happy you make me every time I can see that people are there to support me! God Bless us all and have a happy weekend!


babooshka said...

You just check in when you can.

Very interesting and informative post. It is so could see and learn od others countries and cultures. Thanks to your friend and the camera, with have the fabulous image too.

I have voed on your poll and awards, and good luck.

marley said...

It sounds like you have a hard timetable :(

I like this post and your photo (on borrowed camera!)

Post when you can, I'll check in none-the-less :)

Hilda said...

Lovely exhibit! Buti pa kayo! Wala akong nakitang ganito sa amin. Pero sabagay, hindi naman ako napapadpad sa library namin—baka nandun rin yung exhibit. Daan kaya ako ngayon after work. (Oo, we have work Saturday mornings. Hu hu hu.)

Parisian Heart said...

I like this photo, and I learned something, too!

Yes, it does sound as if you have quite a demanding schedule. I will look forward to seeing your photos when you can post them. When you missed posting a week or so ago, I was concerned; now I know you are just a busy man! By the way, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions from the last post. And thanks to your friend whose camera loan made today's post possible!

Cavite Daily Photos said...

babooshka - thanks for voting at the poll and the awards!

marley - yup marley, it really is vry hectic! Thanks in advance for coming back!

hilda - yah, you should try dropping by! Oh you're just like my cousin who also has class today. It's her birthday today. happy Birthday Ate!

parisian heart - thank you so much for being a frequent visitor! not just vistinng but commenting Thnaks for the consideration! Hope you come back again often! Thanks in advance!

♥katie♥ said...

hi seven [pacomment]

*Babooshka you're welcome...

hello co-blogger please
continue supporting my friend
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