Monday, July 28, 2008

Sinag Car


Photo Shot at July 24, 2008

This is the Sinag Solar Powered Car. It has been on Display at College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Exhibit Hall, De La Salle University - Dasmariñas. It was a very good sight to see because it is the first time for us to see such a Solar Car. The SINAG, based in De La Salle University-Manila in the Philippines, (Filipino for "sunray") is the first Philippine Solar-Powered Race Car. It is the first entry of the Philippines to the World Solar Challenge. To read the rest of the wikipedia entry about the Sinag Car, Click on the link:

Until now, there has been no Internet Connection in our house and people have been gaga over the Globelines outlets throughout Cavite. Our nearest branch, SM Dasmariñas receives roughly a hundred complaints everyday including follow-ups! We are so pissed of, of course, me also, because I get the feeling of shame to everyone who tends to visit my blog once in a while but then all you see was my last post. I really am sorry but the best thing I have to say is thank you very much because your comments and appearances helps me to have hope that one day, I can go back to the usual DAILY Posting.

I am now currently here at the internet cafe because tomorrow we would held our schools annual recollection. I'm sure it would be fun. I hope we have a safe trip and a very enjoyable recollection because it would be the last. Next year, as Seniors, what we will be having is the final retreat before we go up the stage and palm our diplomas! Oh my! Just thinking about it makes me tear up!

And sorry to those that posted comments on my last two posts that I haven't replied to. I'm sure you understand my situation right now. And by the way, Thanks to Kathleen Lumandas, again, for generously lending me her camera and sending the photos to me! God Bless us all!


Hilda said...

Sinag is really an amazing car. I wish solar panels were more affordable though—we could sure use them on a lot of things here in the Philippines. The acquaintance of a friend inquired about using them in a new house he was building, and if he wanted the lights and water heater completely solar, it would have tripled the cost!

Have a safe trip and a good retreat, Seven. See you when you—and your internet connection—get back.

the donG said...

ive seen it featured in television. i didn't know that it's in la salle dasmarinas.

Layrayski said...

I gotta say Sinag is a cool name. thanks for the post. I'm going to read that link about the solar car now.

Sorry about the internet connection, Steven. I have my troubles too. Virus , and internet connection too. I'm on dial-up so its sloow. And I get repeat reboots from my PC. Good luck!

marley said...

That is a very modern looking car. Not sure how easy it would be to park though!

Glad you are still out there, working hard. Hope your internet gets sorted soon so that you can get back to blogging :)

babooshka said...

On this iland of mine it's always fingers x'd the internet will work, so I undertsand. It is an amazizing car, and the way of the future, possibly.

Take care. We don't go away when you can't post, we just await your return.

TENTAY™ said...

witwiw! welkam back steven!! =) at aba, aalis ulit for recollection, have fun at wag masyado mag internalize ha baka ma emo ka den! hahahahah. =D

Steven (Cavite Daily Photo) said...

Hilda - Oh my! Yah it really saves bills and the environment but the installation cost, I don't think so would be carried by most Filipinos! Thanks! The reco was great.

the Dong - Nag-tour lang po yung car for a week. Bumalik na din po sya sa La Salle Taft^^

Layrayski - Thanks so much for appreciating my post! This time, I'm also using dial up. Just to reply to your kind comments.

Marley - Yeah, I really hope so too! Thanks so much! I really miss this world!

Babooshka - Oh that is so kind! Seriouslly,, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Tentay - jajaja grabe your comment made me laugh! Everyone in the class had a turned to share something about what we are thankful for, concerns and contributions for the class. I was the top grosser with 30 minutes straight. Most of my classmates cried and we all felt great right after. Thanks!

katie said...

Thanks seven for the credit...hehehe:D