Tuesday, September 02, 2008


September 2, 2008

Photo Shot 16:19

Taho is a very delicious Philippine Delicacy. One of my favorites as I may say. It is made from soy beans that are cooked just like tofu. When it comes to texture, I don't really like bean curd. Tofu, the next level, is much more easier to eat. But Taho, taken sweetly just cures your cravings and hey! It's even very nutritious! It is often sold early in the morning and late afternoon by men called magtataho or Taho Vendor.

September 2b, 2008
Fresh and hot taho. This day, the flavor was ube or purple yam. The Large spatula-like spoon is used in scooping this glorious delight!
Very delicious!
September 2c, 2008
Two other ingredients that sums up to the great Taho!
Left: Brown Sugar Syrup. Locally: arnival Sweet and Succulent!
Right: Tapioca Pearls. Locally: Sago Gummy and Yummy!
Notice my reflection on the syrup???


marley said...

Steven I believe you when you say it tastes delicious but it doesn't looks very nice! Sorry :)

Great photos though :)

Tommy V said...

very interesting stuff.

Photo Cache said...

Very nice shot. I myself have not tried taho. I cant tell you what stopped me, but I had every chance. Anyway, the ube looks good.

Lawstude said...

got here via a link from a friend's blog and i can't help but comment on the interesting posts you made here and i will definitely come back to read more. take care and GOD bless. :)

by the way. have you tasted strawberry taho in baguio?

the donG said...

i like taho. i also like baguio's specialty, the strawberry flavored taho.

Anonymous said...

I liked the strawberry one. Maybe I'd like ube taho as well.

Mayet said...

ay I didn't know na me ube flavoring ang taho!!

babooshka said...

It looks like acrylic paint. How strange. How much we learn form blogging.

sansuque said...

hey! i got here searching for a thesis topic haha! i was thinking of making it about taho. :)
and then i found out we have the same last name! cool

lyzle said...

gud afternoon! i believe you are from cavite, may i know kung meron pong pabrika ng mga tokwa dyan at saang lugar po. we need it very badly para sa feasibility study. thank you!!! God bless!