Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fiesta Procession


Photos Taken this evening at exactly 19:36

The photo features the facade of our parish with lines of banderitas. In every celebration here in the Philippines, banderitas can never be out of the scene!

Today, the second day of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi was celebrated. Hundreds of Malabonians(People of General Trias) Gathered to church and celebrated with one another. The last mass was held at 6 in the evening followed by the Franciscan Procession at 7:30. Around six saints participated including St. Francis of Assisi, Our Lady of the Angels, Saint Anthony of Padua and a few more.

After the Procession, Fireworks display was held and all of the people loved it including me of course! There were a lot of Palmas and Higantes wherein I have posted about before. I can say it was a good and fun fiesta to conclude, actually, the best I have seen.

It's actually half past twelve in the midnight here already and I have to sleep but I promise you to post more about what happened this evening tomorrow. i hope you will comeback because there are more interesting photos and stories about it.

Also, Tomorrow will be the start of our final examinations so I am asking you all to please pray for me to have high grades so I can finish my Junior First semester with flying colors! I'm a bit nervous but I'll be doing my best! God Bless us all this week and may you all have a blast! Mabuhay from Cavite!


Tony said...

Hi Steven
Thanks for your comments on my posts. By the way the cat & other photos in the Flat Tony series of posts are not mine, they were taken by various bloggers around the world who are hosting my Flat self for a virtual World Tour holiday. I would really love for you to participate if you would like to. Just email me & I will email you the Flat Tony picture. Then you just print him, stick him on cardboard then photograph him in locations around your home town, with yourself & pets, friends & family. Then email the photos back to me & i will post them on my blog. If you go to the "Labels" in my sidebar & click on "Flat Tony" you will see all the related posts. My email address & other details of how to participate is in the first post of the series.

marley said...

I like the lights in this shot. Very bright and sparkly!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Tony - Oh my! I would love to take Flat tony on a Philippine tour! I would love to participate!

marley - Thanks marley! It is also very beautiful live!

Hilda said...


No ads in the banderitas? Wow. Lucban gave in to corporate sponsorships and their Pahiyas banderitas have ads. Yuck.

It's interesting that people from Gen. Trias connect themselves with Malabon. I think I have to brush up on Philippine history again. It's been decades after all! :D

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

jajajajajajaja Hilda, Actually, those are just the ones without the adds but the rest in town, they are! Oh my! I'm sorry but I also don't find it attractive especially when diapers and chip wrappers are used! Oh My! Yuck! jajajajaja