Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Great Man named Sam

November 3, 2009

Photo taken last November 1st

This is my Grandfather "Sam's" Grave. It is adorned with beautiful fresh grapes and apples(Which is unusual than common flower arrangements). He died when I was still 11 years old. Though, all I can remember are good things and memories whenever I think of him. He was truly a very good grandfather for me and also to my cousins as well. He went to the Philippines from his Native China when he was still a teenager. He met my Grandmother and they had 7 children (4 Boys and 3 Girls). We really miss him but we are very sure He's in a better place.

Every November 1, Filipinos flock to their loved once's cemeteries to remember and pray for them. This time also calls for a reunion of all the family members with respect to their deceased loved ones. A very Filipino tradition dating from the Spanish era.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Despedida de la Fiesta!

October 3, 2009

The Photo was shot yesterday around 15:30

The photo shows a group of ladies dancing the Karakol, a traditional Street Dance offered to the Patron Saint of the town or Barangay. It is the same dance on my Comeback post but this one is for the General Trias Town Fiesta wherein a lot of Dance groups from different parts of Cavite (Especially the upland towns of Indang, Silang and Amadeo) Compete with our resident Karakol Dancers.

Tomorrow will be the General Trias Town Fiesta or the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, our Patron Saint. Thank you so much for your prayers since the storm did not passed by our region but we are all praying for the people of Northern Luzon.

Happy Fiesta Gentrisenyos! Happy Fiesta to all!

Friday, October 02, 2009

My Skywatch Comeback

October 2, 2009

Shot a few days ago at Sunset.

After my 7-month absence, this is my first ever Skywatch Friday Participation. You can see in the photo is my road home from the university. I shot this using my friend's camera, (THANKS KATHLEEN) while we are on the jeepney. The Burst of the Philippine Sunset just awes me even I see it almost every often when the sky is clear!

Though the country hasn't coped up yet with Typhoon Ondoy(Kestana), a Category 5 Storm named Pepeng is about to enter Philippine Land this evening. I know it sounds very alarming that is why I posted this earlier. I am asking for all your prayers because we will really be needing them. With the gustiness of over 240kph, It sure is the strongest in Centuries! Strong than Milenyo. Please pray for the Philippines and most of all, the Filipinos!

Oh! Currently, the rain is starting! We may be alarmed but we are not afraid because God is with us and all our prayers!

This post is a part of Skywatch Friday! Visit other Hundred Places by their views of the sky! Visit Skywatch by the Go Visit badge below:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Very Long Weekend

September 29, 2009

Photo Shot Before going home around 5:30

First of All thank you so much to Miss Kathleen Lumandas for lending me her camera on this accidental shot. Accidental because we only saw it before going home with a big crowd of students around it. We were wondering what the fuzz is all about but then we read it saying that there will be no Classes till the 3rd of October due to the typhoon. It was quite soothing because we got the week for rest and postponements of our requirements but we dearly hope that the two coming storms will not be as harsh as typhoon Ondoy.

Let us all pray for the victims of Ondoy here in The Philippines and on Vietnam.

Check out my Personal Blog for my story on this Announcement: http://justme-nothingelse.blogspot.com/

Monday, September 28, 2009

After Seven Long Months, This calls for a Celebration!

September 28, 2009

Shot on the road earlier at 14:58

The photo shows a group of elder ladies that participated on the Barangay Fiesta Karakol(Traditional Street Dancing offered for the Patron Saint) of Barangay Tapia, General Trias, Cavite. By the way, Barangays are small divisions of a town here in the Philippines. It's word etymology came from the Ancient Boats called as Balangay which was then the primary source of transportation and shelter of the early Filipinos and other Malayan People. The Karakol lasted for more than an hour so the whole time, we were stucked on traffic but my friend did overtake the Karakol so I was lucky to get some shots!

Well, First of all I would like to thank all my friends who waited for my return, this is it! I really really missed Daily Photo Blogging but I was forced to bid goodbye for quite a while to focus on my Undergraduate Thesis. And the day came, September 8, 2009. The Final defense of my Group (Que, Sanchez, Oliveros) lasted for about 2 hours for our Network Based Payroll system with Biometrics and we were delighted that our System was accepted. Of all the 84 Groups of CS and IT students, we were very blessed to be the first to pass! So thank you so much for all your prayers!

Also, may I ask everyone to please pray for the Filipinos who are suffering with the Typhoon Ondoy Tragedy. A lot of homes, and even people went away with the storm and we are all affected by the loss. But of course, Filipinos are known for smiling in the midst of the storms and I am really sure that we can help each other and move on in no time! All we need is our prayers! God Bless us all!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We did it!

February 11, 2009

Photo taken with full emotions this 10:49

"We did it!" Those were the words after we sang the Alma Mater song this morning, February 11, 2009. It was a very uplifting moment for me and all the students and staff of De La Salle University - Dasmarinas as we attempt to create the record of having the World's Biggest Human Star Formation.

The heat was striking our skins but we didn't even care while we parade from the ends of the University to the University Grandstand. I personally felt so much joy throughout the whole event to walk hand in hand with your fellow students and teachers in having one goal of Attempting a World Record.

But the most important part of the said event is the scholarship fund raising that would benefit the future students of De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. Also, seeing the final effect of our formation on National TV as featured on ABS-CBN's TV Patrol was truly an inspiring feeling for me that even if I'm only a dot on the more than 10,000 human star, I was a part of it! Unfortunately, I hadn't seen myself on the scenes taken from the parade though some of my friends were!

Here is the video of the TV Patrol Cover of De La Salle University - Dasmariñas' World's Biggest Human LaSallian Star Formation. Thanks to TV Patrol and ABS-CBN.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Skywatch Friday


Photo Shot last Wednesday at 18:10

This was shot beside the highway on Tagaytay, I was again uplifted by the Colors of that day's Twilight. It was cold that time while we were waiting for our food.

I missed Skywatch Friday so much that I decided to join again. I just hope you guys would like it. And my exams went off earlier as I took the last one, Physics. It was actually great because our Prof gave us a good and tolerable exmaination. Thanks to him.

You can also view shots of the sky from around the world by visiting Skywatch Friday God Bless us all and Have a great and Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Little Souls

February 5, 2009

This photo was taken Yesterday at 17:43

This is the Little Souls Convent which can be found in Tagaytay City found still in Cavite's Highlands. It is very much solemn here and what me and my mom like about it is that not like other convents and churches in Tagaytay, this remained peaceful and not overrated which adds to the place's silence wherein you can truly be with God even in a few moments of praying here.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Midterm exams and of course, they saved the worst for last, Physics. So please pray for all of the students who will take their exams including me as well. God Bless us all and may we have a happy weekend!

By the way, I went back to my borderless photos hope you like it coz it feels refreshing to me^^

Monday, February 02, 2009

Afternoon Glare

February 2, 2009

Photo Shot at 17:20

The photo was taken on the edge of the jeepney on my way home from the University. It is a cold afternoon and even until now while I am typing these, it's still cold in here but it was a clear, fine afternoon earlier as you can see in the photo that was taken by my Camera Phone again. It was a bit blurry for me because the ride was a bit bumpy but I personally love the suns glare on the photo.

It was the First Day of the Midterm examinations and For Computer Science Juniors, Only one exam was scheduled for us, ASP.NET Programming. The exam went well and I just hope that I was not clumsy again this time on my SQL Commands.

Starting today, I will be including in my posts some lessons and random thoughts that I feel for the day. I hope it can help, teach or even inspire us all. Have a great week ahead!

"Try Leaving your Real friends, then you'll find yourself having nothing"

Friday, January 30, 2009

I missed everyone!

January 30, 2009

Photo Taken earlier 14:53

First of all, I missed you all so much! I have posted again after more than two months of being busy for our Thesis. I even felt guilty for not sharing you photos during the holiday! I am very sorry but right now, I guess I can get back a bit more often again to blogging!

This photo was shot earlier at my University, DLSU-D, while I was waiting for my cousin. I don't know what kind of plant this is but if you do, your infos will be greatly appreciated! The flowers look thistly and icy but of course, there's no ice here in the Philippines!

I got bored and tried using the camera of my phone. I love macro shots and searched if ever there is a setting for it on my Nokia 3600 but then I haven't been able to see it. But then, I experimented with its auto-focus and shot prematurely on the close-up subject and it did work. My classmates told me that the photo was gorgeous so I got the inspiration to post it right now. By the way, On my next attempts to do that accidental macro shot, I failed and failed. I'll just experiment more on my camera phone again and again!

I am here because we have just submitted the final copy of the first four chapters of our Thesis. It is a System Proposal for a Network Based Payroll on one of the Municipalities here in Cavite. We hope we could pass the Defense scheduled on February 20 and proceed to the next step, creating the actual system.

God Bless us all and I hope to post again very soon! Who knows, I might be here again tomorrow! Hope I still have a slot on your thoughts and accept my appologies for my absences. Happy weekend!