Thursday, February 05, 2009

Little Souls

February 5, 2009

This photo was taken Yesterday at 17:43

This is the Little Souls Convent which can be found in Tagaytay City found still in Cavite's Highlands. It is very much solemn here and what me and my mom like about it is that not like other convents and churches in Tagaytay, this remained peaceful and not overrated which adds to the place's silence wherein you can truly be with God even in a few moments of praying here.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Midterm exams and of course, they saved the worst for last, Physics. So please pray for all of the students who will take their exams including me as well. God Bless us all and may we have a happy weekend!

By the way, I went back to my borderless photos hope you like it coz it feels refreshing to me^^


bertN said...

Nice angle of a shot!

Hilda said...

If you didn't say it was a convent, I would have thought it was just a pretty house!

Good luck with your exams tomorrow, Steven! I'll be praying for you. And I wasn't kidding about needing a tutor for SQL (one on one). But she lives in Marikina and works in QC.

Kris said...

Physics? I would need prayer!

Good luck.

Babooshka said...

That's really beautiful close up.

Anonymous said...

good work of a good site

Danial said...

It's beautiful shot!

Francis Bell said...

Thanks for the GREAT blog!!! Wonderful pictures , really enjoyed it,especially when I can't go myself,I can see it here-Francis