Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Treats from the Deli

February 2, 2009

After my Mom and Dad went to the Hospital for her Check up, They went to Säntis Deli Store with branches at Alabang, Silang, Cavite and Metro Manila. I Love Deli stores! It gives me this fresh feeling that I usually get on early morning markets and the goods are different than the ones you can buy on Supermarkets and Groceries, They got Fresh Milks, Pate, Ham, Swiss Goodies and seasonings.

I just want to greet my friends Abe Lincoln and Patty Lincoln. I don't know if there are still bloggers who don't know them, if you're one of them Better click on their names(which will lead you to their Blogger Profiles) and check on their blogs or you'll miss a big part of inspirations you will be having for your life! They're truly a very inspiring couple! To Abe and Patty, I know I've said this so mind times but that will never be enough, Thank You so much and keep on inspiring us!

Tomorrow is a very very big day for me so stay tuned for tomorrow's post for you to know why! Have a Great rest of the week and God Bless us all :D


Anonymous said...

I like to see milk sold in round containers even if they are plastic and not glass. Here, when I was growing up, milk came in quart size glass bottles. But they switched to square cardboard containers for quarts of milk and square plastic for gallons of milk. Most of our delis are in the grocery stores or super markets but they are not as large as a regular, walk-in deli here where you can usually buy some delicious lunch meat sandwiches. I like most anything made by the Swiss.

It is a nice photograph and allows me to see what you like in the way of favorite foods.

And thank you very much for talking about me and Patty in your post.

It is nice to have some very generous things said about us. We appreciate that.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

That is so true Abe! It is very seldom here to see Milk sold on Round Containers, usually they're on cartons. We've got something in common! I love love love swiss things! May it be Knives, Bags, Cheeses or anything, they just do it very well :D

Thanks so much! It is my pleasure and I'm very glad you appreciate it. God Bless you always :D


Leif Hagen said...

Hello Steven! I grew up in Wisconsin, "America's Dairyland" so I really liked your posting today. I'll have a display of groceries in our kitchen in the coming days, too. I'm curious about your announcement tomorow . . . . hmmm
Blessings to you

Misalyn said...

Looks yummy and creamy. Tama bang gutumin mo ako? hahahaha.

Sure na babalik ako bukas..birthday mo? blogoversary? teka mabilang ng ang posts mula sa archives..baka naman 100th post mo na hehehehe.

Anyway, basta babalik ako tom. night.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Leif - I'm super duper glad you liked it! It is really a blessing for me that I am not Lactose-intolerant! If I was, I wouldn't be as Happy as I am right now! I love everything about milk! Fresh Milk, Cheese, Butter NAME IT! I'm sure You'll have a wonderful kitchen display!

That's right :D Be back, I'll be expecting you :D


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Misalyn - Hello Misalyn! Kamusta na? I'm doing fine! Jajajaja I never meant na gutumin you pero I can't blame you, ako din makaita lang ako ng gatas sa display or sa TV talagang naku, TAKAM NA AKO! jajajaja

Jajajaja Curious ah! Be back tomorrow Okay? God Bless you :D


Hilda said...

Santi's — yummmmmy! Easy for me to go crazy in their shops, especially with the cheeses! And the bottled wild mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, all kinds of olives…


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hilda - CHEEESSSEEEE!!!! Best food in the world! I do find a lot of types there jajajaja Some, I have just heard there :D What does Sun-dried Tomatoes taste like? I've seen them at stores and on TV's but I haven't really tasted them yet ? :)


Patty said...

Abe didn't mention the best part of milk in glass containers, when the milkman would leave them on your door step, in the Winter, sometimes it would freeze enough to pop off the cardboard type covering, and Mom would spoon that off, it was mostly cream and we would all get to taste it. Almost like ice cream.

I worked for a short time in our local deli, that was in our IGA Supermarket. After I retired as secretary in the Adult Education Office of our local Vocational, I did nothing, then after a couple of years, I applied at the grocery. Hoping to get a cashier's job, but they had no openings. Did have one in the deli. So I took that job, it was nice, but a lot harder work then a cashier, especially if working the evening shift. You had to tear down the meat slicers, wash and disinfect them and put back together, sweep the floors in the kitchen, behind the counter and the cooler. Then you had to mop the floors. Wash all the spoons that went into the bowls of food, and make sure the bowls were all filled for the next day, then cover everything in the cooler with white butcher type paper. Since the store stayed open 24 hours, it was rather hard to get this all done, the deli closed at 10 After I had my second breast cancer surgery I didn't go back to work. Leaning into the case, I'm very short, was hard on the top part of my body. The people that work back there should be taller. LOL

Thanks for mentioning Abe and me. Does anyone in your family besides yourself blog? Four of our five children are either on Face Book or have a blog.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Wow Patty! I wish I could try that Ice cream type thing! I have never tried freezing milk yet, maybe I should throw some on the freezer too, I'm sure it would be a delight!

Wow! Working on the Deli is really hard as you've shared it! Doing every chore on your list, everyday, was quite a handful, but you did it! But if given a chance, I would also like to try working on a Deli. You really really are a strong woman! After 2 breast Cancer Surgeries, You are really really strong and very inspiring!

Oh Patty, it's my pleasure :) You both deserve such recognition, I look upon you guys so so much :D My mom and my Two brothers have Facebook accounts but only I have a blog :)

Hope to see you back again here! I really enjoyed your story, gave me so much energy for school later :D God Bless You and Abe :D


Photo Cache said...

I didn't know you are back to blogging.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hello Photo Cache! I am back to blogging now! Yehey! Hope I can see you here more often :D