Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome to Tagaytay City

February 28, 2010

Majestic Clouds caped us while we were on the Highway from Batangas Province entering Cavite, Tagaytay City. It was a very cool day and as I have mentioned before, Tagaytay City is truly the Coldest point in Cavite with average Temperature of around 20 - 24 degrees Celsius all year round. Yes, that is considered cold for a Tropical Country like the Philippines.

I am very sorry for the quality since I was inside my friend's car when I got to take this shot. I would like to thank everyone for joining me this whole month of February. I am very proud to say that this moth has been Cavite Daily Photo's month with the most posts since October 2008. Despite the busy schedule getting ready for Graduation this March, I still had all the time and most importantly, the drive to deliver you all fresh photos of Cavite with all your inspiration and Kind Comments! Those comments are what keeps me and my Blog running!

Thank you all so much and may he have a Fantastic March ahead! 26 Days left till my College Graduation! I'm so excited! You guys made my College life a lot easier because every stress I've had is erased by all you kind words and never ending support! I'll leave you all with the plea to pray for Chile and all the Surrounding Pacific Islands, including The Philippines for we have a Tsunami Alert. God Bless the World!


Misalyn said...

Great capture Steven, i like the blue sky with those beautiful clouds.

We will all pray. God bless the people of Chile and hope they get through this difficult time. The tsunami alert really scares me, am really praying hard...God bless us.

Hilda said...

I don't think even Tagaytay would cool me off right now, and I hear that we might hit 40˚C again this summer! Eek. Between that and the rotating brownouts, this is going to be one awful summer.

We were cleared off the tsunami list, thank God. But Japan just got hit by the first wave about three hours ago. I really hope that they, and Russia, had enough time to evacuate their coastal cities.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Misalyn - Thank you so much Misalyn! Aren;t they mesmerizing?

That is really true! I was really scared talaga! (Though nagSM pa kami the whole afternoon) Well, what can I do? I'm a Filipino! We know what fun is even in the very midst of darkness :D

God Bless us all!


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hilda - TRUE!!! I forget to tell the world our current condition as of now! Grabe Hilda! We struck 34 just this past week and El Nino is not yet around! WHAT MORE!!! 40 seams very scary!!! What more at Tugegarao?

Thank God we're cleared off! But you're right! We should continue to pray for Japan and Russia and other Pacific Islands like Hawaii New Zealand(who've had a 6foot Tsunami at Chatham Island) and other Zones. I never expected that it would reach up to farthest north as Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk! Well, It's still part of the Pacific :(

God Bless us all and I wish you a great weekend Hilda! My very Last School Weekend ever :D


Vernz said...

Hi steve, been to this place two years ago... I wish I can go back this year ..

o, the brownout thing, we too in Mindanao have one hour a day of 'paypay here and paypay there'

Good night Steve..

In This Side of Town
Anything Davao

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Thanks so much Vernz! I hope you can come visit Tagaytay again :D

That is so true! The Daily Brownouts are hidious! But if that's the only thing Meralco can do to support the loss of Energy, then Ok, so be it! But Please, not on the evening, We'll have a very hard time :(


maricar said...

beautifl shot Steven, it's been a long time the last time i visited Tagaytay with my family and friends,

i saw the news about Chile, that was really sad, let's hope and pray that they cope up with the disaster...

and thank God the tsunami didn't hit Philippines, God is good...

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Maricar - Thank you so much Maricar! I hope you'd get to visit Tagaytay City again soon :D

You are right! We should truly pray for all the victims :( God Bless the Chileans, God Bless the World!