Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Dome

September 21, 2011

The Dome of the Altar at the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in General Trias, Cavite is a depiction of the Pentecost. The Pentecost happened after the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ when the Holy Spirit came down upon his Disciples. The event that happened Two thousand years ago is also known as the Birthday of the Church.

This Magnificent Painting was a masterpiece of Rolly Acuña and Boy Maclang, both are proudly from General Trias, proudly from the Province of Cavite.


JM said...

Hi, Steven! The way you composed this shot is fantastic! Well done.

Leif Hagen said...

A heavenly photo of a fantastic ceiling! The altarpiece looks magnificent, too!

Louis la Vache said...

Very nice, Steven!

«Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Vic said...

ganda talaga ng painting sa ceiling ng church natin. sino ba nagpaint nyan?
lapit na fiesta. ^__^

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

JM - Thank you so much JM! I'm so gald you liked it! I have to be honest I had quite a hard time framing this shot so that I may include most of it :)


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Leif - Thank you so much Leif! Hope you guys stay tuned for the Christmas Decorated Altar that I shall be posting as soon as it is set up :)


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Louis - Merci Louis :D


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Miss Vicky - Yup Yup! That's True! Sina Mr. Rolly Acuña and Mr. Boy Maclang. Malapit na! Too Bad may Clase ako :( Pero excited padin ako hehehe HappY Fiesta!