Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Prairie

October 20, 2011 - The Prairie

I always call this part of the Town of General Trias in Barangay Tapia the Prairie! Well it just reminds me of the Pictures and videos I saw of South Dakota when I was still a youngster. Fields like these are truly common throughout the Province but now, it is greatly diminished due to construction of numerous subdivisions and residential sites.

I feel really sad that these eye-relaxers are being turned away to concrete that is the main cause of floods. I just hope that it will not bring back the destruction as fast as Mother Nature is currently showing. Well I guess the officials never really learn.


JTG (Misalyn) said...

Nice shot Steven.

The vast rice fields and lush greenery in many parts of the Philippines are turning into a lifeless and "flat" cemented streets with high rising buildings.

Mother nature has its own way of reminding us but people tend to disregard it.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Misalyn - That's really true Misalyn :( So So sad, especially when I saw the new Camella Signs doon sa pinapatag na bukid sa Santiago :( It nearly sent me to tears :( I passed by those fields everyday for almost 7 years now and it's an obstruction to see such reconstruction :(


Minhaz said...

Your site is helping me learn Cavite in particular, and the Philippines in general.

Manuel Ángel Ortega Carriles said...

¡Muy interesante tu abuela y su comida!
"Dedicado para ella"

Todo en el mundo es arte.
La belleza de la vida,
interpretar la palabra,
el arte del buen vivir,
el arte de ser dichoso.
La música con el estruendo,
y la poesía como sueño.

El autor: Manuel Ángel Ortega.
Un saludo para la abuela y otro para ti.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Minhaz - Thank you so much Minhaz :D

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Manuel Ortega - WOW! Muchas Gracias Manuel! Su poema por mi abuela es belleza! Thank you so much! It was an honor! I will tell my abuela that someone from España said Hi :D