Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kim Chiu at SM Bacoor

Kim Chiu, a Filipino-Chinese Actress-Singer went to SM Bacoor at Bacoor, Cavite last May 10, 2015. She serenaded her fans with her new hits and all of them were so happy, including yours truly!

This is my first post after more than 3 years! It's nice to be back to the Blogging World and to Cavite Daily Photo. I am hoping to bring you more sights all around our historic province at the heart of the Philippines.


Tom said...

You remind me of my son who after college travelled and lived in several Asian countries teaching English. He now has settled down on my road with his Korean wife. Enjoy your life.

Patty said...

Very nice photo. Looks like everyone was having a good time.

Mo said...

Welcome back

José Mendonça said...

Long time I didn't visit this blog but, according to Facebook, I know you're OK! :-)))

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