Thursday, October 16, 2008

Passing By

October 16, 2008
Photo Shot at February 2008

I have waited so long to post this photo. Many of my friends at school thinks that this one is a good shot. We were dining at Tagaytay City when an old man passed by as I pressed my shutter. This was of course an accidental shot and I find it nice too.

Hello, I'm sorry to those that I haven't replied to on my very last post last Skywatch Friday because even if it was the start of vacation, I never stayed at home everyday from that day on. I was so busy and I am really sorry I put this blog down but hey, I'm back!

We have been to Enchanted Kingdom with my College friends earlier and it was a blast. After that, we check some of our grades at school for this past semester and I was so delighted. I can't even believe on what I got on Physics as I was emphasizing how hard the course was. But I did get a high grade! A lot higher than expected so thank you all so much for your prayers and wishes, it did a lot to me! Congratulations to the students who passed their subjects especially to those who got high grades!

Please stay tuned for my Skywatch post for tomorrow! I shot this from a very special perspective! God Bless us all and Have a great Friday!


  1. as usual Stephen it's another great photo from your camera, hope you enjoyed your vacation

  2. Oops, I really hate when I spell someone's name wron, sorry STEVEN...

  3. Thanks so much tony! It mans a lot! Sorry I've been out of the scene for almost a week but I'm back! And I really appreciate you to be the first comment! That's OK! My literature teacher also calls me stephen^^


  4. I think I'd like it better without the white car, but it's just a matter of preference, the photo is unarguably really good (not to mention for a quick snapshot) and the car in it adds something to all its possible stories.

  5. Wellcome back! Glad you are having a great time! I'm looking forward to see tomorrows photo :-)
    Keep on enjoying your holidays.

  6. Wee'll let you off as you've been enjoying yourself!

    The photo is good but it could be great! Please don't think I am being rude but if you crop the photo to take the car out it makes for a really dramatic shot. Try it and see what you think :)

  7. He he, mukhang tinodo niyo ang unang linggo ng bakasyon ha! :D

    I have to agree with Marley about the car. I may not be a great photographer, but I was a graphic designer for many years and well thought-out cropping does wonders for a good photo. So except for the car, it's a fantastic shot (as usual)!

  8. Thank you so much! jajaja My friend once told me about it. I was so stubborn to ignore it but then I tried it and it did went way better. Thanks so much to everyone^^

  9. It is a dramatic image, and Marley's thoguths ar indeed right.. You would have such a powerful image.

  10. I like this photo! So crisp, and the low perspective adds power overall. Cool sillhouet of the trees and the man too!


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