Sunday, April 20, 2008

Milenyo Effect

Photo Taken at 09:46

Well, as you can see, This old house has not just been torn from its roof and is not in the right angle! Here's the twist, that shot was never slanted! The house IS Slanted. Effect of Millenyo, the storm last 2006 that really took its toll here in our province Cavite. This house is located just beside my friend, Rjay's house. That part of the house is still used as their kitchen. Well I just can't imagine if their foods are still served nicely if the kitchen is like that! I just pray that they will be able to get through and fix that problem because that is no joke.

PS. Thanks to my College Classmate Ate Rox for posting her version of CDP Logo(The one I use now) I never knew that she is going to do such so I was really shocked and delighted when I saw it! Thanks Ate Rox! I like it so much.

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