Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tesla Towers? - Aguinaldo Highway

Photo Shot while in the car at 17:37

Such a tiring but very happy day! We've been to my favorite place in the whole Metro Manila! DIVISORIA! And this time I bought so many things! It was fun! back to the picture^^

These are Towering electric line posts that lined up through the slits of Aguinaldo Highway that Stretches from Bacoor, Cavite to as far all the way to Tagaytay City! When I was a child and to be honest, until now, I am so amused just to watch these towering Posts. i think they are so strong to Carry their big weights all the way from the top! And stayed there ever storms are trying to wreck it! That's what we all need, the Philippines need to oust them all! We are the smallest particles of sand that makes up these Sturdy Concrete. Even if we face through so many problems, the good concrete mixture will hold on the each other and help everyone, we will be able to always get through all the hardships in life! god Bless Cavite, God Bless The Philippines

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