Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Day of Hijas de Maria

May 31, 2008

Photo Shot at 21:11

Well, I'm sure you're all wondering why my post is so late! Right now it's 10:46 in the evening here at The Philippines! It's because I have been to the Town Plaza to celebrate the end of May, end of the Hijas de Maria Celebration! It was fun. Though we hadn't been to the procession, the whole thing was really fun. First there were this things (photo above) where you can see what we call lobo or mini Hot air balloons that fly high to the sky. This tradition brings joy especially to the young persons even me (young at heart, though I'm still 17! 18 in 4 days from now!)

Then right after, the palma was lit! These are fireworks that are placed in large wood brackets so it will look like roman fountains, big bunches of roman torches, that are beautiful to the eye (photo below, sorry the smoke made it hazy). But the only bad thing in these palmas are the very thick smoke that romes around the area where it is up to 20 meters in radius I guess. But the most beautiful part of it is the pinwheel firework on top that spins rapidly showering sparks all over the place neatly.

May 31b, 2008

Then the last attraction was the higante. These higantes, in english, giants, are another type of firework that doesn't fly to the sky. I haven't got a photo of it because all of us are terrified with these monsters! A person wears the thing and when it is lit, it runs around the plaza blowing large streaks of fire, literally, and is really dangerous! But who cares! A little bit of fun won't hurt. It was my first time to experience these higantes up close so it was really fun and terrifying! One kid was even hit by the blowing fire thingys on his back but he was never hurt, I guess.

I also saw a bunch of european tourists on my walk home. It made me realize that YOU, the one reading this, should really come to The Philippines! I recommend it so badly! It's not just the beautiful beaches, delicious food, millions of flora's and fauna, luscious forests and hundreds of years old traditions! Believe me, IT'S MORE THAN THE USUAL!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fly even you can't

May 30b, 2008

Photo Shot at 17:49

This is a Typical Filipino Antenna. Used to catch Television Waves that brings us all the entertainment, education and many other things that makes us updated people not just a bunch of duffers. Me myself am a Television Addict. But I think I can live without it. i think? Okay! i can't!

I love Korean Dramas, NGC Shows (We don't have Cable TV anymore), and most of all, Travel Shows. I think I have emphasized enough through this blog my love and my dreams to travel. I even would like to have a job related to it. If I do love what I'm doing, I always get a good job doing it.

Before I seal this a day, I would like to share you the product of my boredom just this afternoon. I came by my empty sketch pad as I clean my desk earlier so I got a pencil and sketched. I have decided to scribble my ultimate dream place. Do you guys have an idea what country you can find this? Or if you know, the exact place? I hope you can understand my drawing.

May 30, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Philippine Street Foods

May 29, 2008

Photo Shot at 17:16

These are the most famous and now, also introduced and enhanced on multi-star hotels and dining establishments, Street Foods. They are mostly called dirty foods but I do agree with some friends here that these should not be called dirty because they really are not. Street foods are much much more appropriate.

On the top layer, these are spring rolls/egg rolls. deep fried rolls of bean sprouts and various veggies rolled into bitable pieces. Many Caviteños like it drizzled with suka or vinegar. These are commonly called in Filipino lumpia. On the leftmost bowl, you can see a mixture of fish balls (white) and chicken balls. Fish balls are sold throughout Cavite half of a peso. This is actually the most common street food because of its price mainly and its taste when you dip them to sauces sweet, sour or spicy.

On the next bowl, you can see kikiam and fish nuggets. Kikiam are nuggets made of pork and fish that are also deep fried and dipped or as I may say dumped into sauces that are also for fish balls. This is my least favorite. I really don't like it.

I am more likely to eating fish nuggets but when I was in high school, I got attached to it. I've been eating it on the way home for school for a week straight. then suddenly, I encountered diarrhea. I don't blame it to anything because for me, diarrhea has been like a habit until now. But my mom has been shouting and screaming at me because she said it's my fault for eating these little delights. She even scared me that these are made from sharks. Instead of being frightened, I even thought that if ever these are sharks, I said "Well, sharks do taste good". But then my love for sharks and other creatures stopped me for eating such. But I know it's just a joke!

Lastly, everyone's favorite! Banana-que! From the word, Barbeque! These are bananas of the saba type that deep fried in oil mixed with brown sugar and comes up to this beautiful heavenly kebabs! If ever you're going to have a trip to Cavite or the PHilippines in General, never fly back without tasting even a bit of these many heavens!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Institution

May 28, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:32

This is like my third back to nothing shot this hour. Multiply has been closing and closng just before I click Publish. Multiply, please fix this thing, it somehow bugs me cause I have to do the posting and typing all over again and again. Thanks

This is the First ever University that will be inside the premises of General Trias, Lyceum of Cavite. I can say that it really is an Architectural Marvel due to its soccer stadium like structure. I am sorry that I haven't got the best angle because we are in a rush home from our Lucban, Quezon Trip.

The five hour trip home was really tiring and The greetings of Jilly from Monte Carlo, Monaco and Babooshka of Ramsey, UK really made my day! And to everyone that wished me congratulations even they haven't said it, it reall means a lot to me! I promise you all that I will do my best on the next 50, 100 and nth posts! To all my multiply, blogger and CDP friends around the globe, thank you so much! Cavite Daily Photo is like one of the best things that happen on my seventeen years, eighteen in a week, of being a human being! God Bless us all!

Monday, May 26, 2008

50th Post!!!

May 26, 2008

Photo Shot at 15:32

This is the Municipal Hall of General Trias. Perhaps one of the biggest throughout Cavite. It was built on the old market's lot that was remade on a place just near there. Finished at 2004 between the reign of our very great and responsible mayors Campaña and Ferrer. I've only been once inside it just last year as I applied for a new passport and It was still as good as new!

By the way guys, I think I'll take my very first break in a couple of days starting tomorrow if ever we will be having a trip for my father's birthday. My mom and Dad usually celebrates on Baguio, Bicol, somewhere far but land-accesible. But it's not yet 100% sure so, if ever I'll not having a post tomorrow, I'm probably having a good time wherever we are going. My mom doesn't tell me where it is as usual!

But I am happy I got this 50th post. like I've reached, this day, my golden Dayserry! Whatever you like to call it! I'm so proud I got this far and hopefully forever! Thanks to all the people that are with me through this journey! To my Multiply and Blogger friends and of course to all the City Daily Photo Team! You've given me such an honor with this blog! Thank you so much! God Bless us all!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


May 25, 2008

Photo shot exactly at 14:43

Well, The Local Government here at General Trias, Cavite is really doing their preparations for the upcoming Independence Day on June 12. Flags are here and there around the Town Proper. And in the back, you can see the facade of our Municipal Police Station and Library. On the Photo Above, this was shot on our Town Plaza.

Let me share you about our Flags symbols. The Blue above represents Peace and Tranquility that is inate in our Nation. Red is the Blood of Bravery of the Filipino People that surpassed so many Trials to declare it's Independence from the 333 Colonial Years from Spain! The White Triangle Represents Purity. The three stars represents the three main parts of The Archipelago; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Sun Represents the eight provinces that began the flare of the revolution against Spain! These are Bulacan, Batangas, Laguna, Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Manila and of course, Cavite. Wow I still remember all my Flag-ing ability!

By the way, people of Cavite are very much known to be strong, courageous and revolutionary!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coastal Sunset

May 24, 2008

Photo Shot at 18:14

As we went home from Divisoria, Manila, I ask my Dad whether we could stop for a while at Coastal Road so I can take a good shot at the sea. He did. This is by the way the Cavite Part of the Expressway. You can see here the Manila Bay. Manila Bay is famous for their stunning view of the sunset especially when you are in the Manila Area. Of course I can't shoot from there, that's out of my radius! jaja

Manila Bay stretches from us, Cavite to the Western Part of Manila, Bulacan and the Eastern Part of Bataan Province. The bay stretches out and its mouth opens to the South China Sea. Many people depend on the Bay but sad to say, a lot of them also are the main causes of its destruction. Luckily, Mangrove Planting has been done earlier this Century to save it. I just hope not just the Government would be responsible for this but the people as well! Let's do our own little thing so that this world can be a better place!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Philippine Ice Cream

May 23, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:44

Well, This was also a good shooting experience for me because it has been years, actually I guess I was still in high school when I last tasted this heavenly thing! Here in the Philippines, these local Ice creams that are usualy sold by bicycles that roam around the streets and the ice cream man or here called sorbetero usualy have bells that call the attention of children and even old folks that likes to taste this fresh treat! Ice cream in direct Filipino Translation is sorbetes!

This was actually an accidental shot because the sorbetero just bought a spare tire for his bicycle on my uncle's auto supply. Then my Granma told me and my cousin if we do like some and as I saw the cart, I jumped for joy, literally, because it has been a very long time since I tasted such! So as mamang sorbetero is scooping some delight, I rushed through my camera and ask him if I could take a shot, he cordially approved. The flavor of the ice creams are ube(purple yam) and Mango. it was sooo delish!

By the way, i would like to greet my friend Karen who is leaving tomorrow for Singapore. Bon Voyage my dear! Don't forget my pasalubong! And thank you to Marley of Cheltenham for the tip. I'm really sorry! God Bless you all and have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just another sunny day!

May 22, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:59

The photo was a very simple one but the feeling while I was shooting it was extatic! Because of the sunny day after days of unending rain. And even though I was the only person there when I shot it, there was a deep joy in my heart because all the rice and Banana plants in the area looks as green as ever and all the beautiful birds are singing and rounding the fields!

Thank you Lord for the new day! The new day for us. But all I pray is the people in the state of calamity like on Northern Luzon, Myanmar and also China! May you Bless these people and help them go through the hardships that are present in them at this moment! To everyone else there, we are truly blessed! How can we show the Lord how thankful we are? By praying for those who are in need right now! In this moment!

By the way, congratulations to the newest American Idol David Cook and to David Archuleta, for giving a very good competition! Speaking of competition, I am asking you all to vote for my site at bloggers choice awards. If you are not yet a member there, please kindly sign up. Promise, it is very easy and won't take you that long. You can vote only once per nominee but I am nominated on two categories so please vote for me both. my friend Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo is also nominated in the same category so please vote for it too! Thanks a lot! God Bless us All! Here are the links:

My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!
My site was nominated for Best Travel Blog!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lines! Lines!

May 21, 2008

Photo Shot at 15:32

Lines! Lines! Lots of Cables above the sides of the streets! What are these? These are common electric Cables here in Cavite and probably in the whole country. Unlike in other western countries that Lines are connected underground.

Here in the Philippines, we use 220 voltage that's why I grew up being very cautious about pluging things up. Because once when I was a kid, I plugged my aunt's television set that was bought abroad not knowing it was 110, then suddenly, booom! something exploded. I wonder what! As I looked behind the TV, smokes are smuldering out the big hole! Never knew the impact would be that strong!

So whenever our loved ones from the USA sends us most things and gadgets, we always have lots of transformers available in our home!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Road to Eternity

May 20, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:26

This photo of the road that I shot earlier is located at St. Francis of Assisi Memorial Park. It is the road near my grandfather's spot. On the Photo, you can see the floating niches on the left side, but on the right side, nothing because beneath those grasses are underground niches. While if you look on farther left, those are Memorial Buildings for each Family. We have one just on my back as I took the photo.

The place was so peaceful. By the way, I took this because I decided to visit my Grandpa and I brought my camera while I was biking to the Memorial Park from home! But one thing I have noticed throughout the Place are the humongous dead frogs that are squished by wheels of passing cars I guess. may they rest in peace together with all our loved ones.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Keeping us Connected

May 19, 2008

Photo Shot 16:40

These Cell Towers or popularly known here in Cavite as Cell Sites are responsible for the Signals for our wireless cellular phones! The Philippines is known as the Texting Capital of the world due to ages 7 to even 70 years old, their phones serve as a necessity for their 'daily' lives. Here at General Trias, we have approximately 5 cell sites serving three major networks Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Philippine Karakol

May 18, 2008

Photo Shot at 15:32

Karakol: Philippine Street Dance. Karakols are held during town and barangay fiestas here in Cavite and most rural areas in The Philippines. It is said to be done to ask for rain to the Patron Saint of each barangays. The dancers range from little 3 year old kids to senior citizens like there from the photo feature! It is a fun tradition that dates back from the Spanish Colonial Period and is still in practice in the present.

I was about to go on biking this afternoon but due to the Christening of my beautiful niece, I wasn't able to go. But then as the party ended, firecrackers start shooting on the sky indicating the karakol of Barangay 1896 just beside our Barangay.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cavite Five-O!

May 17. 2008

Photo Shot at 16:46

First of all, I'm sorry for the late post here at Multiply For my post Yesterday. Because I made an advance post at Blogger. Then I scheduled it for Yesterday because I was to go on a Marian Pilgrimage Yesterday. But then, The Cross Posting didn't work on time so I'm sorry. But I still posted it before I did this!

Pineapple! My Personal Favorite Fruit! Is served on your desktops. It is sweet, sometimes sour. Here in Cavite, Pineapple Plantation can be found in some Parts of Tagaytay, Silang and Amadeo where they experience a Mild Climate all year round. Of course! I know you know what the fate of that Fruit in the picture right after I did the shot! It disappeared in like ten minutes! God Bless you all!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Burger Attack

May 16, 2008

Photo Shot at 11:23

This has been the latest craze here in Cavite but also in other Places in the Philippines! Buy 1 take 1 Burgers at the cheapest Price! For Just 20 Pesos, you can enjoy 2 regular sized burgers! As merienda(snack) or even for meals, you can enjoy your favorite burger fast and hot! By the way, 20 pesos probably costs US$0.47, €0.30, £0.24 or AUS$0.50! Isn't it cheap? The stalls also serves footlong Sandwich, french fries, softdrinks and juices available but not at buy 1 take 1 denominations. Ok guys, I'll just buy one! Bye!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A million dews!

May 15, 2008

Photo Shot at 12:28

Actually, Those drops are not Dew! They're rain drops dew to like three hour non-stop light rain here all over Cavite and on nearby places too! It is due to two Low pressure areas at the side of PAR(Philippine Area of Responsibility). And right now, one of them is already classified as a Tropical Depression. Though I can't do my usual biking habit, It was cool because it shooed away the heat of summer! Right now, as I am typing this, The skies are still dark but there is no rain. Probably later, it would pour down again!

By the way, the earthquake prophesy yesterday did not happen. I hate to tell myself that it was just a plain dry prank but I guess, what if those prayers really did work and made a miracle to stop the disaster? So we must truly be thankful and thanks to all of you who prayed for the Filipino People! God bless you all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please pray for us

May 14, 2008

Photo shot at 17:28

I was about to feature something about the store just near our house when a shocking text message came to my mom's phone. I know it may sound just like another chain message but personally, I don't think so. Here is the complete and exact text message I have to remove the name in the first part:

"From Amb. *** ** *****: Jst got this frm a friend.sending it out jst in case. In fact, felt a tremor at around 5 this morning - Recieved a forwarded message about a predicted 6.8 earthquake will hit philippine plates tonite from the u.s. geological society in hawaii, let's be alert and pray for miracle, please share with others for stronger prayers. from: *** 2:12pm 14/5/08"

We are so bothered because just this past few days, An earthquake magnitude 7.2 hit China and right now, If I'm not mistaken, 10,000 are confirmed dead. Please, not just me, your friend Steven is asking for your prayers but also the whole Filipino Nation and even the countries near our Plate like Palau and Borneo. Thanks so much! Your minute of prayer, combined with a million people praying all together can make a difference! Thank you so much! God BLess and Maraming Salamat mga Kaibigan!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Sweetie Sally

May 13, 2008

Photo Taken at 17:06

This was a hard shot because Sally moves a lot! Isn't she lovely?

Sally is one of our Pet Dogs. Actually we have four! Sally is a mixture(According to the breeder) of Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian. I don't know but doesn't she look like an American Eskimo! Anyway, we bought her when she was a puppy last July 2001! That means in two months time, she will be celebrating her 7th year (49 in dog years as they say) being with us here!

She loves to bark all the time! We even bought a strap for her mouth to stop her from barking but the thing lost it's identity the next day! We don't know how she got rid of it! Even flying leaves, she would bark on it! One of the pranks that I usually do to her is whenever I play the Cat's mewing sound and she starts acting gaga! My brother once fooled me when I went home from the University just this past Semester while we are in the restaurant . He told me slowly that Sally ran away and never got back home! I cried while we were in the resto but then as we went home, I saw her there barking as usual in her cage! Isn't that a shameful thing I just did with all other people looking at me? That's how I love my cute Sally-oh!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Official Car Plate

May 12, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:32

Obviously, the photo is a Car Plate. This is the Official Car Plate here in the Philippines. Although, the old ones are still can be used. The Plate Number (Characters Actually) are composed of a series of three Letters and Three Numbers. The Background is the Philippines National Landmark, The Rizal monument found in the Luneta Park at Manila. The blurb below states "Matatag na Republika" Or in english, strong republic! Yearly, Small stickers are added in the Plate to indicate the renewal of the License.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My! My! My! Beautiful Sunday!

May 11, 2007

Photo Shot at 16:25

It was a beautiful sunday to begin with! Hope it is also good to all of you around there in the other half of the earth! Another title for my photo is 'Mother and Father can stare at each other for 12 hours straight but can never kiss till the world ends'! Was that a title? jajaja wait, why? Because I always believe that the earth is our mother and the father is the sun! They can meet and see each other for the whole day but they can never kiss of course because they are naturally miles away! Just like true love! It doesn't matter how often you kiss, see, touch and hug each other. Sometimes, if fate can never bring you close, just a smile and a stare can lift you up!

I would also like to shout out my gratitude to Abraham Lincoln(Brookeville Daily Photo) and Marley(Cheltenham Daily Photo) For being honest to me in my last post! I also think it was a disaster. Sorry I haven't prepared enough for that shot! I promise to do my best so that I will not disappoint you all my viewers again! God Bless you all and have a Wonderful week to everyone! Mabuhay!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pinoy Chicken Adobo

May 10, 2008

Photo Shot at 17:18

Being a part of the Que Family, as I have said before, I do know how to cook well! But when it comes to Adobo, I put my hands down to my yeya! My yeya has been my nanny since I was born. She is from Bicol that's why she cooks so great! Until now, she still cooks our food here at our house!

The photo above is a dish called adobo! I was about to post it here fresh from the pan but I would like to tell you guys sorry for I ate my dinner right after the shot due to its tempting aroma! Adobo is usually eaten with rice! If you're a Filipino, you are really telling a lie if you say you haven't even tasted this yet! I took the shot right in where it was cooked to give you all the idea on what to use in cooking this dish.

It is cooked by sauteing garlic, onion to cooking oil. ( I use olive oil for more exquisite taste and to bring out the real pleasant flavor of garlic) Then as the onion becomes transparent, add a generous amount of Soy Sauce and then the chicken or pork. You must also add water to equalize the flavor! Then before you bring it to boil, add peppercorns and bay leaf (in Filipino, Laurel leaves).

One very important reminder, NEVER STIR IT UNTIL IT COMES TO BOIL! Or else the natural flavor of the vinegar, which you will add on the time of boiling will be fought by the other flavors! That's how I cook MY Adobo! Well, there are other recipes on the net for adobo that you can try out there wherever on earth you might be!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Hope on a Dark Day

May 9, 2008

Photo Shot just minutes ago at 17:43

I was so pissed of this morning because I have planned what to shot when I go to school as I enroll. But then, while we were on road to La Salle, My father asked me to check my cam. As I grabbed it in my Bag, I found out that the batteries are left on the charger at home! I was about to show the beauty of my University! And as we went home at afternoon, we just rode the bus going home, I was so tired and never felt that I was asleep! Then when I woke up, I suddenly thought that I still don't have a shot to feature this day!

So I rushed out my cam to my Lola's (Grandma) Garden and find a subject. I was so hopeless and is at panic mode till I remember the Kalachuchi plant on the end of the terrace! This flower really was my hope in a bad day like this! Just like the Kalachuchi, We should remain hopeful and as pretty as the flower, even if the sky is at its darkest time!

Kalachuchi grows from these bonsai pots, to towering trees that bloom all year. It is one of my most favorite flowers due to its usual two-tone shade from yellow and fuchsia to white and yellow. In english, it is commonly called as plumeria. It is known to be indigenous to Hawaii but it is really native to Central America from Mexico to Venezuela.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Foggy Perspective

May 8, 2008

Photo Shot at 18:15

Well After we went to church at Trece, Cavite, We went to Tagaytay for Dinner! Well Cavite is really full of variety not just in cuisine, culture, people but in climate also! Tagaytay has a yearly average of 22 degrees Celsius at night (That's way cold here in the Philippines)

I ate Spaghetti Bolognese and Grilled Chicken with mushroom and Swiss Cheese! It was muy sabroso! Before we went to the restaurant, it serves Mediterranean Food and the owner was really kind and even went to our table for welcoming us, I was amazed as I went down the car with the very colorful foggy sky! I just don't know but it really captivated my senses!

By the way, I also want to thank all the City Daily Photo Bloggers for welcoming me to your world! I really am so delighted and touched by your overwhelming kindness! In exchange, I have made a list of 'Friendly Daily Photos' links so that I may have, and even my visitors, easy links to your pages! God Bless us all and tomorrow I will be going to school to enroll for my third year! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cradle of the Republic - Kawit

May 7, 2008

Photo Taken on Site at 10:14

As we went home from the early morning mass at Baclaran, Parañaque (Manila), I ask my dad if we can just go to Kawit so I can feature the Aguinaldo Shrine for this day. He Cordially said yes. (He was so supportive since I got accepted at CDP) So as the very long traffic started near the shrine. I decided to walk along to the Shrine Park. About 200 meters from the start of traffic. So I went out walking, above the bridge, by the gate, just to get a good view. until I finally decided to go closer in front of it to take a glory shot featuring the whole structure.

About the structure: (Forgive me, own info) Aguinaldo Shrine is very important for the Filipino People not just to Caviteños because thre, at that house, the Philippine Independence was declared! After 333 years as a Spanish Colony, we finally found the whole that led us out. Actually not found, but dug the hole by our Heroes. Unfortunately, we still have been conquered by the Americans and the Japanese Regime. Until now it is preserved and is now a museum.

My Banner for Cavite Daily Photo at Blogger was also shot this morning. It was my first stitching attempt of two photos. Thank God, I think, it went out well.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hijas de Maria

May 6, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:10

Every May, A new hermana leads the Little Children through the month long celebration of the Hijas de Maria not just here in Cavite but almost every Catholic Place here in the Philippines. My aunt just tipped me to go to church and take a look on the altar of Mama mary. And my Brother at California also told me a request earlier to take a shot of this. When me and my cousin arrived, the church was still closed. But due to friendly and very nice church people, they let us in and even opened the lights of the altar for a better Shot!

The altar was draped with a pale and elegant shade of pink fabric and Lots of beautiful Pink plastic Roses on the sides and on top of the altar. because of this decorations, we really can see that it did enhance the beauty of the Virgin Mary.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Whatcha Lookin' at!

May 5, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:21

A few goats scattered there at the road near rosario, where our favorite biking spot is. And in this photo is the goat that I usually see and is not afraid whenever I approach her! Look at her! I never used my zoom. I was really close to her during the shot and she was very tame!

It was a very good day last night because I got my first ever comment at Cavite Daily Photo on Blogger by Alice of Arradon Daily Photo - France! Yes, I never knew that there are a hundred of other City Daily Photo That are here at the Web World! So as I have visited her site, I saw that there is a portal or as I may say an organization of City Daily Photos all over the world! Of course, I have applied myself! That's why guys, Please do pray for me so that I will be listed among the City Daily Blogs!

And a big Thanks to all my Multiply Friends because there is where I start and I will continue it there, together with my blogger site, on my whole Blogging Life! You can visit City Daily Portal on this link

Sunday, May 04, 2008


May 4, 2008

Photo Shot at 18:18

I was about to ask my friends to go to church with me this evening. But one of them said he can't join with us so the others said no also. But then, I haven't got a shot yet for this day so I was a bit pissed. and as I look outside my window, I saw the sunset scene again! Well, I again rushed to our rooftop to capture this spectacular scene that I wanted to share to all of you! Notice the cloud formations just beside the sun! Isn't it stunning? May God Bless us all and the whole country just like this beautiful sunset! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pinoy 'Cherry Blossoms'

Photo Shot at 15:30

Well, If japan have thier stunningly breath-taking Cherry Blossoms, We have our own Caballero! First Time i saw this Flowering Tree was whenever we pass by Aguinaldo's house in Kawit! Beside it is a Very large Caballero Tree which is truly believed to be haunted. Whenever you see Caballeros so High, You can never say that there's nothing haunted just by it's look! But of course, Just like this part of the tree in the photo that I took in front of The Pamilihang Bayan, Has very numberable leaves and mostly flowers! Caballero ranges it's colors from fiery red, to bright orange and sometimes sunny yellow just like the beautiful April Shower!

I just hope that in fifty years time, The next generations would still experience the feeling I've felt while biking earlier at Palengke and Bayan while these flowers fall on my face when the breeze blew. It really is a very uplifting experience! might sound corny and cheezy but it is so true!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Viva Santo Bambino!

Photo Shot at 16:59

Today, the prusisyon of the Santo bambino will be held later here at General Trias later at 7 pm. I was so delighted to see the Santo because while biking, I saw my brother at our church (where he is a sakristan for about nearly 20 years already) and saw the carossa with the Saint so I decided to take a shot for CDP!

Santo Bambino or bambino in Italian means baby boy or boy child. The Santo Bambino is always projected in this hug-like pose. One of the Shrines of Santo Bambino that I know here at Cavite is in Naic, situated on it's near edge on the side of Trece Martirez City.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Photo shot early at 06:41

Arroz a la valenciana, Valenciana for short, is a Caviteño cuisine obviously from Spanish decent, is a very rich, flavorful and delicious course! It is a mixture of various ingredients mainly rice, potatoes, pork, sausages and butter or mantequilla. My mom cooks it specially for sale in the morning with green peas and raisins! Of course many different herbs are used (sorry, secret recipe^^) to add to the rich flavor and aroma of the dish!

I know you guys wonder why I shoot early in the morning! because since I was in high school, when my mom was diagnosed with Kidney Failure, she decided to sell Valenciana at a table beside our Lumber to help her with medical expenses. why Valenciana? Well we, the Que family (My Grandpa is pure Chinese) are very much famous for making the Best Valenciana (for me) in the whole town! My Grandma and even all of us really have life in our tongues that's why we love to cook and people loves what we cook! (That's why I'm over-nourished). But of course, there are still a number of stores here in GT that serves very delectable Valencianas! That's why if ever My Town will not be called Subdivision Capital of the Philippines, Valenciana Capital will suite it way better!