Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just another sunny day!

May 22, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:59

The photo was a very simple one but the feeling while I was shooting it was extatic! Because of the sunny day after days of unending rain. And even though I was the only person there when I shot it, there was a deep joy in my heart because all the rice and Banana plants in the area looks as green as ever and all the beautiful birds are singing and rounding the fields!

Thank you Lord for the new day! The new day for us. But all I pray is the people in the state of calamity like on Northern Luzon, Myanmar and also China! May you Bless these people and help them go through the hardships that are present in them at this moment! To everyone else there, we are truly blessed! How can we show the Lord how thankful we are? By praying for those who are in need right now! In this moment!

By the way, congratulations to the newest American Idol David Cook and to David Archuleta, for giving a very good competition! Speaking of competition, I am asking you all to vote for my site at bloggers choice awards. If you are not yet a member there, please kindly sign up. Promise, it is very easy and won't take you that long. You can vote only once per nominee but I am nominated on two categories so please vote for me both. my friend Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo is also nominated in the same category so please vote for it too! Thanks a lot! God Bless us All! Here are the links:

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marley said...

Nice photo!

You could of put a warning before the last paragraph about American Idol! We don't see it here until Friday night and now I know who won!! :(