Thursday, May 01, 2008


Photo shot early at 06:41

Arroz a la valenciana, Valenciana for short, is a Caviteño cuisine obviously from Spanish decent, is a very rich, flavorful and delicious course! It is a mixture of various ingredients mainly rice, potatoes, pork, sausages and butter or mantequilla. My mom cooks it specially for sale in the morning with green peas and raisins! Of course many different herbs are used (sorry, secret recipe^^) to add to the rich flavor and aroma of the dish!

I know you guys wonder why I shoot early in the morning! because since I was in high school, when my mom was diagnosed with Kidney Failure, she decided to sell Valenciana at a table beside our Lumber to help her with medical expenses. why Valenciana? Well we, the Que family (My Grandpa is pure Chinese) are very much famous for making the Best Valenciana (for me) in the whole town! My Grandma and even all of us really have life in our tongues that's why we love to cook and people loves what we cook! (That's why I'm over-nourished). But of course, there are still a number of stores here in GT that serves very delectable Valencianas! That's why if ever My Town will not be called Subdivision Capital of the Philippines, Valenciana Capital will suite it way better!


mckoisky said...

Happy Valenciana Festival to all Gen.Triasenos, Cavite!

Arroz a la Valenciana (Rice Casserole) said...

may i know your ingredients?