Friday, September 19, 2008


September 19, 2008

I know it's a bit blurry but I really hope you find it nice. This one is shot in Tagaytay last Sunday. Tagaytay City is located on the southern edge of Cavite approximately 2,100 ft above sea level. that explains it's cold, temperate weather all year round.

We really love to go to Tagaytay and dine there once in a while. The climate makes the dining experience exquisitely memorable for the family. By the way, if you wish to view the other links of participants to this weeks skywatch, just click on the link

Happy Skywatch everyone all around the world!


2sweetnsaxy said...

Nice shot! Have a great SWF!

sho said...

u take great pics. Love everyone i see on your blog.

Photo Cache said...

beautiful puffy clouds. happy skywatching. see you next week.

John said...

Wonderful photo!

babooshka said...

It a lovely clear shot. A real snese of space and freedom.

Never apologise for not posting or visitng regularly. We dip in and out of blogs as when we can. Studies come first.

Anonymous said...

cool shot...where is this (in tagaytay) exactly?

Arija said...

It's only the sky that's a bit blurry, the beautiful grasses are sharp as tacks. It is such a lovely place, it's no wonder you like to go there.

Steven (Cavite Daily Photo) said...

2sweetnsaxy - welcome to my blog! Happy Skywatch too!

sho - Wow! That means a lot! Thanks so much! Hope to see you back here again^^

photo cache - welcome back! see yah!

john -Thanks so much!

babooshka - Thanks for your understanding! It encouraged me so much! Thanks so much!

anonymous - Welcome to Cavite Daily photo! It's in the road to the Lourdes Church if your from the rotonda. thanks!

arija - It is! Thanks so much! HOpe to see you soon^^

Hilda said...

I wish we could go to Tagaytay more often, but my husband hates long drives. I love dining in one of the many places along the ridge overlooking Taal.

mirage2g said...

No better place to take sky shots that tagaytay...when I was a kid its always foggy there, we breath out cold air too! Miss those days!