Sunday, January 24, 2010

Harvest Time

January 24, 2010

This was shot using my phone's Camera. I shot this while I'm on my Jeepney ride home from the University. The weather here has been very delightful for the past month due to cold air from the Siberian Region. Here, you can see the farmers harvesting their rice before the January rain pours(Yes, it rains in January in here). I so love my fellowmen, especially these farmers. Without them there would be no rice on our plates. They deserve all the recognition from us and I can say that any praise is never enough for the hard work. Let us all remember the farmers on our next prayers and thank God for having them!

I know it has been so long AGAIN since I've been on the air for Cavite Daily Photo! Well, Here I am. Been very very busy for Graduation Requirements and that is not an excuse okay! I'm sure you my friends would understand :) 62 days to go till my very big day! Oh my, time does fly fast! I can still remember myself counting the years for my Elementary Graduation, High School Graduation and now, I am about to receive my Bachelor's Degree on the 26th of March. I am very very excited and proud!

Did you miss my posts guys? I did miss everybody! God Bless us all and may we all have a wonderful coming week!

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Hilda said...

Should I welcome you back? The last time I did that you disappeared for three months! ;D

How time flies indeed! Just two more months! Good luck with all your other requirements. We'll see you when we see you. And I'm now one of your followers, haha.

Glad to see that Cavite still has lots of rice fields. I get dismayed every time I pass SLEX and see Lagunas fields disappearing to those housing developments. And people wondered why the province flooded…

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Jajajajaja Hilda! Your first line made my Day! jajajaja Thank You for that Welcome :D I'm really pumped right now to be back here on our Daily Photo World!

Thank You so much! I am so so so Excited! I have been waiting all my life to wear a Black Toga or any Color other than the white that I had for Elem and HS Graduations. I am super Excited!

Yah that is so true. Even here at our Municipality of General Trias, Roughly 30% of the Rice Fields from about 5 years ago, Yes, Just Five years ago are left. Land Conversion is truly at hand here :( And the sight of these fields gives me hope that someday, Businessmen and Government Official will truly realize and Get inspired by the beauty of Nature and its bounty.

God Bless You Hilda! I missed you so much!


Leif Hagen said...

Yo, Stevo! Welcome back! I wondered what happened to you. Looking forward to your daily photos! Good luck with your graduation countdown!
All the best in this New Year!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hello Leif! How's it going! Thanks for that warm welcome! Truly Appreciate it :D I'm really really pumped up this time so I guess I'll be back for real:0 I really hope so!

Thanks so much! God Bless you and Eagan!


Rob and Mandy said...

Excellent picture! That's real everyday life!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Yup! It is Rob and Mandy :) Everyday Life in the Philippines. I just hope it will continue on despite Land Conversion Problems here :( God BLess You and Please come back to Cavite Daily Photo!


Misalyn said...

Welcome back Steven! After 3 long months!!!....the beautiful blogosphere is happy to see you.

Good luck with all your requirements and congratulations on your Graduation day.

See, how time flies?..I even joined the CPD community hahahahaha (

Misalyn said...

Na-miss ko lalo ang Pinas dahil sa photo na yan. We still have those ricefields sa Bicol.

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Hello Misalyn! It has been so long! Thank you so much for your kind Welcome! And I also want to Congratulate you on joining CDP!!! I Love Al Ain! I Hope I can visit UAE someday:D

I Linked your Blog on my Cavite DP too :D

I hope your longing for our Beautiful country can be diminished by visiting here often! God Bless you and Ore Power!