Monday, July 12, 2010


July 12, 2010

Photo Above shows my very own Spanish National Football Team Gear. One of my possessed Treasures.

First Of all, I would Love to shout what I have been shouting for almost a month now from the Very Beginning of the World Cup 2010, VIVA ESPAÑA! I will always be Spain's Number One fan here in the Philippines because honestly, They are the reason why I started watching Football a few couple of years ago and they're the reason why I love the Game! Just seeing David Villa and his goals makes my whole week!

If there is one single country in the world that can be named where football is not a Frenzy, that would be the Philippines. We Have a lot of sports fancied here including Basketball and most Especially where we can truly be proud of, Boxing! But Football is never a statement here in our Country but I am quite happy that this past year, Football is starting to have a name!

I've been a fan of the Spanish Team for more than a Year now and I am really really Happy about them winning this World Cup! My friends are even teasing me that Spain would never even advance to the Top 16 but my beliefs with my team can never be hindered! I'm in love with the Team I must Say! Every time they have a match, I never ever watched it live because I thought I might give them Bad Luck so I always watch it after the results are aired! Win after win after win makes me so proud! Even my Co-Teachers (Yes, I am now a Professor at DLSU-D, My Alma Mater) are telling Spain is no match to Germany during their Semis and when Spain won, The smile on my face can never be worn out because of so much Joy! Even one of them kept on telling me it was just Plain Luck! But I know It's not! Spain has always been laying as a TEAM! A team focused on bringing joy and pride to their country and all their fans!

But this very last match against the Netherlands, Here's my story. The match happened at 2:30 am Philippine Time so I decided not to watch it (just as I said earlier that I might give bad luck to my team). Then I woke up at around 4:30 believing that the match is over. Then I excitedly Opened my Phone and checked on the results but our WiFi was not in a good mood so Luckily, I still have some Prepaid Load left that I used to check on the results. There it is, 0:0. I was wondering still who won so I went on to Yahoo! But still it's 0:0! So I came to think that the match may not have ended yet and at the blink of the eye, my phone refreshed on it's own and it read 1:0 in favor of ESPAÑA! I wanted to shout so loud but the people in our house might get awake so I went out and there I shouted! Hahaha Then I thought that it was Minute 116 and there's just 4 minutes left! I started to think That I WAS THE GOOD LUCK during this match that at the very moment I checked on the scores, Iniesta did his Winning Goal! The Joy I'm feeling right now for my Team will never be expired for the whole week or the whole month I guess! This is Spain's very First Title and I really feel Proud that I'm quite a part of it staying true to them and believing in them for every match they fought!



Leif Hagen said...

Congratulations to your team from Spain! Paul the Octopus predicted the outcome correctly!
cheers from Minnesota

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Leif - Thank you sooo much Leif! I'm really really Happy! Paul the Octopus was really a Great Sear! Muchas Gracias otra Vez!


Hilda said...

Viva España! :D
And welcome back, Steven!!!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Muchas Gracias Hilda! Missed youa ll Guys! So happy with my Profession yet I really really have to go back to Blogging :D God Bless you more and more!


Barefoot Lady said...

My love for football and the World cup started during the 90s. Good to know that a lot Pinoys caught the bug as well.

Viva España!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Barefoot Lady - Thank you so much for dropping by Cavite Daily Photo! WOW! You are Cebu Daily Photo?!?! I'ms o happy to meet you (blog-aly of course)! I'll be visiting Cebu for the very first time this August 7th! I'm really Excited!



Julie said...

excellent composition

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Thanks Julie :D