Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Road to Eternity

May 20, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:26

This photo of the road that I shot earlier is located at St. Francis of Assisi Memorial Park. It is the road near my grandfather's spot. On the Photo, you can see the floating niches on the left side, but on the right side, nothing because beneath those grasses are underground niches. While if you look on farther left, those are Memorial Buildings for each Family. We have one just on my back as I took the photo.

The place was so peaceful. By the way, I took this because I decided to visit my Grandpa and I brought my camera while I was biking to the Memorial Park from home! But one thing I have noticed throughout the Place are the humongous dead frogs that are squished by wheels of passing cars I guess. may they rest in peace together with all our loved ones.


edwin s said...

What a calm avenue!

hey Steven, thanks for popping by KLDP :)

the donG said...

i like the way the photo covers the types of niches. i was actually planning to take a visit of the manila memorial park last week but decided not to. because im planning to do it by night time. soon. soon.

oh those dead frogs. they died on the right place.

nice humor.