Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Getaway

June 29, 2008

Photo Shot Yesterday

Well, First of all, Thank you very much to those who dropped by my Skywatch Friday Post and left their Comment! Each and every comment meant a lot to me!

Well, no post yesterday because just after we arrived home, I have knock myself down already. I slept from 7 pm to 7 am non-stop! But just look at the photo. It is where we went yesterday, Bato Springs Resort at San Pablo, Laguna. A two-hour drive from Cavite via South Luzon Expressway.

Tomorrow is work day again and School day again for me! I'm gonna leave you with this photo and Blessings from God!

If you wish to see the summarized story of my trip with some shots, click on the link: Such a great Saturday

And if you also would like to view shots from my vacation, click on this link:Dolores Quezon + San Pablo City = Great Weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day

June 27, 2008

Photo Shot at exactly 17:00

This is our University Chapel at De La Salle University - Dasmariñas. Our Patron Saint is the La Naval. It is Located at the University Colonial Plaza Together with the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo (Emilio Aguinaldo LIbrary) on its left and on the right, Museo de La Salle (De La Salle Museum). Though it didn't rain, the weather was cool and fair. By the way, to those wondering how big is my University, it is 27 Hectares. Second biggest LaSallian Institution after DLSU - Canlubang. If ever you liked my DLSU-D Series and wish to continue it, just leave a comment on this post so that I may share the beauty of my Green University.

June 27b, 2008

Today, we celebrate at our University the Philippine - Spanish Friendship Day. Though we have been colonized by Spain for 333 years, at present time, Philippines and Spain are one of the very strong relationships that our country has not just because of words but the culture that the two countries share. Viva España y Viva Filipinas!

The photo above by the way is my participant to Skywatch Friday. If you wish to join Skywatch Friday or just wish to see other participants, Just click on the link: Skywatch Friday. Have a great weekend every one! I think I'll be off tomorrow because we have a tour on Quezon Province. God Bless us all!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

St. John Baptist de la Salle

June 26, 2008

Photo Shot 18:43

Well, Though it's a very tiring day, i still feel good and well this time so I posted this. This was shot just a few hours ago as I bid goodbye for this day to my School. This is St. John Baptist de La Salle, our Patron saint and who our school is named for. The first sentence is as written:


He is born in Rheims, France and lived accordingly to God. he has help many people and transformed unlikely people to great teachers. he also started the classroom type of teaching unlike the one-on-one teaching method.

I would like to greet all my fellow La Sallians throughout the world especially my Schoolmates at De La Salle University - Dasmariñas! Tomorrow is sky watch friday! I hope I can join again! Have a great Friday everybody! God Bless us all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Banana - Q

June 25, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:16

This is one of the Caviteños' favorite merienda or afternoon snack. It is made with 'Saba' bananas (Upper left of the photo), deep fried in melted brown sugar that will coat it as it cooks. I also love it when the banana is ripe because it's sweetness is very distinct and blends into the sweetness of the brown sugar. Also, ripe banana's texture is very soft and nice to the palate.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Would you believe?

June 23, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:16

Would you believe that right after the storm that killed a number of more than 800 people yesterday, the sky would look like this? Even these doves are delighted by the clear sky! This was shot from the house beside us. The house is a story higher than us. They have five while we have four floors.

Thank you very much to everyone that prayed for my health on the past few days. It really meant a lot to me since I am already back in shape! Though classes in all levels in Cavite are suspended, the sky is as clear again as ever! I am again asking for your prayers for the family whose love ones past away due to the storm and to the others that are still missing right now.

By I would like to invite you all to visit my other blog's latest post, My Top 10 dream places to visit. I hope you guys enjoy my post and comment on that post if you wish to tell me something. Thank you so much and God BLess us all!

Tomorrow's going to be the feast day of St. John the Baptist so tomorrow will be a very wet day on the streets where children, ages 4 to 60 would be out there throwing, spraying, and splashing water to every people that they see. Luckily for me, it starts at 8 am and my class is 7 am so I would be leaving at 5:30 in the morning. To those that will come to school at 8 am onwards, be sure to bring extra uniforms because you'll never know how worse it could get! God Bless us all and Happy Fiesta!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Signal No. 3

June 22, 2008

Photo Shot at 09:29

This is a view from our terrace. Ever since, these potted ornamental plants are living above those outlooking pillars. But this time, having Cavite and it's neighboring Places on the list of Provinces in Signal no. 3. I even woke up at 2 in the morning finding out that the window beside my bed is open and all my things are drenched wet!

Fortunately, I moved my books on the other side of the bedroom before I went to sleep. I can't afford to see the books drenched. I've never eaten well for a week in school just to buy those expensive school books! Thanks to my mom and dad that helped me in buying them but still it's not enough so if ever those books swam in my flooded room, I would go with them and cry my lungs out!

By the way, here's a satellite view of The Philippine Storm "Frank". Philippines is located South South East of the Map where the bulk of Purple clouds are situated.

June 22, 2008 Weather

Also, please pray for the 700+ passengers of the Ferry boat that sank near Romblon Province just this early. Most of the people are not yet found in the moment so please pray for them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

So Sick

June 21, 2008

Photo Shot Yesterday 18:20

Well, I was so sick the last four days and until now! I just like to share this photo I shot while I was on the jeepney ride going home. We are just a few inside so it's not that dangerous to take a shot outside the window. Isn't it stunning? Sunset just above the fresh rice fields ready to be planted.

Please do pray for my health. I really feel like crap right now due to cough, cold, runny nose and weak. I just hope I'll be OK already. By the way, We are currently experiencing Storm Signal no. 2. Luckily, at this moment, The rain is just mild. Tomorrow, Storm "Frank" Is expected to be passing Cavite. So also, please pray for the weather!

Thanks also to Tentay for the prescription! I think I'm gonna go to the drugstore and buy some later! God Bless us all!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tired of the Weather

June 18, 2008

Photo Shot at 12:41

Well, the first photo features one of the avenues inside my University. This is not my favorite avenue because unlike other roads, this is not foliage by trees. This was shot while I was walking out the school going home. I think the temperature was more than 35 celsius because the heat was like spanking my face. I thought I was gonna pass out with the heat and I haven't eaten breakfast and it was like mid-noon.

June 18b, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:05

Would you believe that after three hours of heat, after my short snooze, a very strong downpour came. This heat - storm weather have been roaming Cavite for like three days already. I just hope that in the coming days, It will just be consistent sunny or consistent rainy because the ever changing weather harms us so much even me who feels very sick and ill.

But thanks to Dad that I have had a Flu vaccine just this early evening by my cousin Dr. Eriel Lopez. Thanks so much. Tomorrow again is the curse day! 7 am to 7 pm schedule. I think I'll be off tomorrow but please leave those wonderful comments so that you can make my day! God Bless us all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kans Grass

June 17, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:08

On my way home from the University, I passed through these grassy fields and saw talahib grass living their life! Also called kans grass that are native to South Asia, the photo above are just the short species. because usually, these grass grows up to three meters in height. The flowers are usually white in color and when it is windy in the months of August - September, these flowers blow with the wind. Most of them fly to far distances. Children, even me, believes that if ever you got to catch these in your hands, you can make a wish and blow it back to the wind.

During the moths of August to September wherein the fields in Langkaan, Dasmariñas are full of these grasses. When their flowers reflect on the pink sunset, you can just look at them, sigh and say "How wonderful God really is!".

Before I forget, I'm sorry to those people that felt gross to my last post. my deepest Apologies.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poor Little Froggy

June 15, 2008

Photo Shot at 14:55

As I did my walk with my closest cousins around The Tagaytay Tropical Greens in Mendez, Cavite wherein my nephew's 1st birthday is being held (Happy Birthday Iñigo!), we passed by so many dead frogs! But then, this one has a very strange death. it wasn't squished. One of my cousins said that the death might be caused by heart attack. Whatever the reason is, I hope he died peacefully. The party was really fun not just because of the great food and great venue, but most of all, my reunion with my JSVPC Cousins that I haven't seen for a very long time! So to the Parents of Iñigo, Great party!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flash Flood! Is it?

June 14, 2008

Photo Shot at 13:13

Just this afternoon, It rained sooo hard here at General Trias and other parts of Cavite. After a few minutes, The water rose at the sides of the high streets for like 2-3 inches. Is this the so-called flash flood? and in the Photo above, this is shot from the side of our accordion gate. At its end, a hole can be seen that goes straight to the street drainage. And as you see in the close up photo below, you can see that the hole became somewhat of a zen fountain.

June 14, 2008b

Though it is good to look at, we really hate floods because it hardens our cement for sale and then of course, we'll just throw them away, A lot of money will be lost from our business.

By the way, thanks again to my mother's camera phone that I am able to capture this shot! The batteries of my camera are somewhat broken. I think I need to by new ones.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Eight Rays on Display

June 13, 2008

Photo Shot Yesterday, 15:17

First of all, I like to thank my Friend, Ms. Kathleen Lumandas for being a girl scout that day! I forgot to bring my camera to school so when she heard it, she told me that she has brought hers and lent it to me and I used it to take this photo! Kath, Thanks very much.

To those who are asking to feature our library, this is the AEA Gallery. In Celebration of our 110th Independence Day, The gallery is a Philippine history exhibit. On the right side of the exhibit, The eight provinces that are represented by the Philippine Flag's Sun's eight rays. these are Eight Provinces that started the Philippine Revolution against The Spaniards.

These are, in random, Batangas, Laguna, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Bulacan, Manila and my very own Cavite. On my previous post, Nueva Ecija is replaced by Pangasinan. I really don't know because I got that list with pangasinan on wikipedia. But all i can ensure that these two provinces really did a great deal during the Philippine Revolution.

Please bear with me with the nonconsecutive, daily posts because I've been very busy and tired everyday right after the 2 hour ride home from the University. Especially yesterday wherein i got off from home at 5 in the morning and arrived home at 9 pm. Because of my 7 am - 7 pm Schedule. But please believe me that I'm doing my very best to bring and serve you Cavite, Daily.

Thanks by the way to the people that visits, views and most of all, leaving your comments to my posts! You just don't know how happy you make me every time I can see that people are there to support me! God Bless us all and have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aklatang Emillio Aguinaldo (Emillio Aguinaldo Library)

June 11, 2008

Photo Shot at 11:15

Aguinaldo Shrine? Is this the same building such as that in my banner above the Blogger page? No it ain't. This is the Aklatang Emillio Aguinaldo or the Emillio Aguinaldo Library inside De La Salle University - Dasmariñas. It is really patterened to the house of General Aguinaldo wherein a very big celebration will be held tomorrow! Too bad my plans on going there will remain just a plan cause my class for tomorrow is 7 am - 7 pm. Poor me! By the way, this is the back of the library for I shot this view right at our classroom door just after Visual Basic Class.

Our teacher was very good. The anxiety that I have felt the night before was filled with relief because she seems nice and kind. I still can't do a very good conclution about my first days because she is just one of the seven new teacher that we are to meet this coming days. But what really pisses me off was that the excitement I have felt for the air-conditioned rooms have wilted as I entered the steaming hot classroom. The aircons are still on the boxes located near the Comfort rooms. I just hope that these unnits would be installed as soon as posible because this afternoon, the heat peaked at 35 degrees. My outfit was even fit for the aircon so I really am pissed and very sweaty!

Thanks everyone and I would like to celebrate and cheer all the Filipino heroes that have been responsible for the Independence of the Filipino people! But because of the law that moves the Holidays, we really cannot celebrate due to students are in school and workers are at work. I just hope that Pres. Gloria would reconsider this law because though it helps a bit, about long weekends, the essence of the celebration for tehse holidays are taken for granted. Have a great day everyone and God Bless^^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can see it already! I'm nearly there!

June 10, 2008

Photo Shot at 16:15

This is the Cavite sky just before dusk came in. The sun is all covered by clouds but still, you can see it. While in the earlier afternoon, the sky was so clear and the weather was so fine! So fine that the sun nearly burnt my skin into flames!

Tomorrow, Third College year for me is about to begin! Though I have one of the worst schedules I have received, but it doesn't bug me that much. I can see my dreams from here! Just two years remaining. The time I've spent since I set foot on the University grounds till now! I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I hope that our building would be air-conditioned by tomorrow because the heat really bugs us! Even my classmates that usually takes down notes and lectures, forget about doing it and just flapping their fans just to keep the sweat from bursting! Just like the sun on the photo, though not yet clear, I do have faith that in time and effort, I can see clear skies that I've been longing for!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Back Again

June 9, 2008

Photo Shot in 35 degrees Celsius weather at 16:01

Tomorrow, 20,000,000 elementary and high school student will be back to their schools throughout the Philippines. The photo above was shot at General Trias Memorial Elementary School (GTMES). The newly painted Pedestrian Lane will help the students pass the street safely to the School's main gate. You can also see one of the many Philippine Flags that are on the school's fences to commemorate the 110th Philippine Independence Day on June 12th. While the line of banderitas or small flaglets are on hang to celebrate the Feast day of St. John the Baptist on the 24th of June. The Celebration is a very fun one but not for students like us because if classes are before 10 am, we could end up drenched and wet because people are watering everyone!

The start of my Third College Year will be on Wednesday! Wish me all the Luck and blessings in the world so that I might get that Scholarship! I hope I can continue this daily posting even the classes are already on.

By the way, I want to throw everyone my deepest apology for the last three post-less days I've had! I really am sorry. Something just happened with me and my brother which ended up prohibiting me to use his computer. By right now, He already allows me and I am truly touched by the concern he is showing for my Blog! So now I'm back! I hope you'll still support me and Thanks so much for those who have greeted me on my Birthday and those comments that are there even I was not around. Thank you so much to everyone and God Bless us all! I hope you guys would accept my apology.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Road to University

June 5, 2008

Photo Shot months ago

This photo is the road that we pass going to my University, Aguinaldo Highway. By using this road, passing Imus, Cavite, we arrive at school from our house in just 35 minutes. While the other road that I usually pass through because that is the route of jeepneys, is an hour and a half from our house and I ride to Jeepneys. The whole fare is worth 30 pesos. That is like 0.75US$ and another 75 cents going home.

School is on in another weeks time so wish me all the blessing for the coming Semester so that I can ace that Dean's Lister again that I haven't got last Semester because of that Volleyball! Can you believe it, I raised my Calculus and Java Programming inside the 85% or 2.75(4.00 = 100, 1.00 = 60) while that Volleyball, because of my carelessness scored just 2.00. Such a regret but i still have hope this semester! God Bless us all and the students that are preparing for the coming school year! Hopefully, in two years, I can march up the PICC and recieve my Bachelor's Degree Diploma major in Computer Science! So nice to dream of that moment!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

18 years came and gone

June 4, 2008

Photo Exactly shot at 18:00

Well, Eighteen years it has been! The whole day was really great! Not that fun but great because as I went to church in the morning by myself, I somewhat cried because I feel so happy. i don't know what the reason is in particular but I really thanked God for the joy I felt those times. Then as hours passed, hundreds of Text messages, several Birthday Greeting comments at friendster, I became so sad during the afternoon. Because the thing that my parents promised me that we would get this day has been, again, unreal.

I'm not a spoiled brat and I never ask for things just like many other kids. All I ask are things that i really need and can't afford by myself. So I really put my very last trust on them, not actually the very last, I am a very hopeful person, but then again, i was down. I can't do anything else but to just let it go. Nothing will happen if ever I wreck myself. So I just bought a lot of cupcakes and took pictures of it!

To everyone who greeted me, Thank you so so so much for it. Though you may be hundreds, each and every reply I gave everyone was from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate it. I am so lucky that I am a very appreciative and grateful person because even simple thoughtfulness I've seen, it really is a source of my deep joy and happiness. Those many little joys can really do me good for a very long time, a lifetime I bet.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

After a Tiring Day


Photo Shot at 17:50 while on the van

The photo is, again, a sunset, from the coasts of Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. It was a stunning sunset and is very adorable to us who are tired from a very happy trip!

It was one of the best days of my life since High School! Because being the Senior Class President of my High School Batch, I always ask my classmates to come to our annual outing. but then I always fail to gather most of them so I always end up being pissed of by them. So one of my friends told me to stop forcing them and just go with those who want to! So me, together with five loyal High School Pals invaded Manila! We've been to the newly opened Manila Ocean Park, Luneta and SM Mall of Asia! it was a very very Enjoyed Day and very very tiring! I even end up wounding my soles due to my bad sandals! But all in all, I can say, though we may be few, it can still be one of the best experiences!

By the way, tomorrow, I'm turning Eighteen! So from the bottom of my Heart, Thank you so much for your support! May you still continue Cavite Daily Photo in the coming days, months and hopefully Years! God Bless us all!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Treats for all your kindness!

June 2, 2008

Photo Shot at 17:51

First of all, I want to thank all and everyone that came to my Blog yesterday and left their Heart warming comments! You just don't know how touched and overwhelmed I was while reading all your comments! CDP Blogging world is really a Happy Place to be! All of your comments really inspired me to do much better in the coming days and on the coming Theme Days! From the bottom of my Heart, thanks so so much and I hope to see you soon!

And as treat for all your kindness, Here's a many of Coconuts fresh from the tree! These are still mura, which means young. Some people like it this way because they find it much more sweeter. So enjoy! By the way, This tree is just beside my Bedroom window but I shot this from our Roof Top's perspective! Again thanks so much and I hope to see you soon here on Cavite Daily Photo!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My First theme Day (My Corner)

June 1, 2008

Photo Shot at 10:53

I am so excited shooting this because This will be my First Theme Photo Here at City Daily Photo! This is a shot of our Local Shop. This is our Family Business. New General Lumber and Hardware was established early 1960's by My Chinese Grandpa Que Chua Le and My Filipino Grandma who's in the Photo above. This is the main reason why we live accordingly right now. By this business, My grandma has sent almost all of us her Grandchildren to school until College. They have 7 Children and roughly 20 Grand Children.

I have already featured the Facade of our Lumber and I have re-posted the photo below this entry, Our house is located on the second floor of the Building and a rooftop on the third plus a view deck on the Fourth. I'm really proud of My Grandma and Grandpa Because they really did a good job Establishing not just a big business like this but a Big Family like ours! They really are one of my role models!

By the way, links for the other participants for the Theme Day can be seen below the second photo! More power to Every Daily Photo Blog around the Globe!

April 12, 2008

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